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Optional Services

Saturday Delivery

Deliver Plus offer Saturday Delivery services including timed services to selected destinations. As with all Deliver Plus services, pro-active features such as proof of deliver e-mail notification and electronic tracking come as standard.

Surcharge of £25.00 per Deliver in addition to transport costs.

Book In

If you require Deliver Plus to store packages and deliver later than the scheduled Deliver date

A surcharge of £10 will be applied to the shipment cost

Declared Value for Carriage

By declaring a value for carriage you can increase our limits of liability up to the declared amount with a maximum of £25,000 per package. To declare a value for carriage, indicate the value of the item in the Declared Value field as appropriate for the Deliver Plus Shipping System you use.

1.5% of the value of the goods declared for carriage, or a minimum of £4.50 (Whichever is the greater) will be charged.

Deliver Plus Return Services

All return services available in GB and Europe plus Greece, Luxembourge, Norway, Switzerland and Liechenstien

Deliver Plus Return Label - Print a return label that can be included with your outbound shipment or sent separately to your customer.

Deliver Plus Electronic Return Label - E-mail a return label to your customer along with instructions on how to arrange for collection.

Deliver Plus 1 Attempt Return Service, UK Only - Have Deliver Plus collect your parcel and return it to your location

Deliver Plus 3 Attempt Return Service UK Only - Have Deliver Plus collect your parcel and return it to your location. If the collection fails, we'll re-attempt up to a maximum or 3 times.

Surcharge (Per package)

Deliver Plus Electronic Return Label
£3.50 (Minimum of £7.00 per shipment)
Deliver Plus 1 Attempt Return Service 
£6.50 (Minimum of £10.00 per shipment)
Deliver Plus 3 Attempt Return Service
£7.50 (Minimum of £10.00 per shipment)
* All surcharges in addition to normal shipping costs


Special Billing Options

For shipments not in free circulation in the EU or for shipments to other international destinations, Deliver Plus offers you the option to pay duty and taxes for your customer. This service is available when the billing option  'Bill Duties and Taxes to sender' is selected

A surcharge of £15 per shipment will be applied

Manual Import

For all countries were the returns service is unavailable. The shipper will need to complete a manual airway bill.

A surcharge of £6.50 per package will be applied

E-mail tracking notification

This innovative service notifies you and your customers of a consignments progress through e-mail notification reports, empowering your customers to monitor their parcels progress.

Free of charge


Additional Services


Undeliverable shipments

When Deliver Plus is unable to deliver your parcel having tried all available options, we will process your shipment acting on your instructions

A £5 surcharge is applied to each such undeliverable shipment in addition to return transport costs.

Remote Areas

Deliver Plus provides services to remote areas within the UK and internationally. A surcharge applies for any collection or Deliver in a remote region.

All Remote Regions £0.40 per kg or a minimum of £15 whichever is the greater.

Special handling

This service is designed to accommodate customers with irregular shaped packages outside the normal Deliver Plus packing guidelines.

When shipping any of the following:

  • Any article that is not fully encased in an outside shipping container
  • Cans or pails that are not fully encased in a shipping container made of corrugated cardboard
  • Any package exceeding 30 kg in weight
  • Any package with its second longest side exceeding 76 cm
  • Each package in a shipment where the average weight exceeds 30 kg in weight
  • Any article that is fully enclosed in a plastic wrapping or bag, excluding the Deliver Plus Express Pak
  • Any article that is encased in a cylindrical container.

£2.90 per package will be charged in addition to the shipping costs.

ReDeliver Charge

Where the receiver is unavailable to receive deliveries and Deliver Plus has to re-attempt at another time. All 'Plus' services, include 3 Deliver attempts at no additional charge.

A surcharge of £5 will be charged to the shipper

Receiver or Third Party Refuses to Pay

When the Bill Receiver option has been selected and the bill-to party refuses to pay the shipping charges an administration fee will be charged to the shipper in addition to shipping and other applicable charges due to non-payment.

An £8 administration fee will be applied.

Address correction

If we have to amend an address in order to deliver, we will attempt to find the correct address, a processing fee will apply.

£5 will be billed to the shipper, plus shipping costs.

Deliverhome service

Deliver Plus can deliver to homes as well as businesses. (The definition of home includes a business operating from a home).

£3.50 surcharge per shipment in addition to the shipping costs will apply for all Deliverhome services.

Fuel Surcharge

Deliver Plus sets the fuel surcharge annually, however if the price of fuel rises, Deliver Plus may add or modify our fuel surcharge at any time, as it may reasonably consider reflects the consequential increase in it’s direct operating costs. 

Interest on late payment

Each invoice we send you will stipulate a date for payment. If we do not receive payment on or before that date, we reserve the right to charge you interest. The rate of interest (determined by prevailing rates) is indicated on the invoice. Additionally, Deliver Plus charges a late payment fee of up to £100.00

Missing or invalid account number fee

If 'Bill Receiver' is selected and the bill to account is incorrect or missing, a processing fee will apply.

Whether or not the account number is found, a £8.00 fee will be applied.

Currency Conversion

Charges to the payors account in a foreign currency will be converted to the payors currency using an exchange rate defined by the Deliver Plus carrier or agent the shipment has travelled by.

In addition, an exchange fee equal to 0.75% of the amount converted will apply

Over Limits Fee

Packages must not exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

  • 70 kg in weight
  • 120 cm in length
  • 330 cm in length and girth combined

Packages exceeding the above size and weight restrictions will have the following surcharges added to the shipment costs:

Combined length + girth exceeds 330 cm
£28 per package
Length exceeds 120 cm
£28 per package
Package weight exceeds 70 kg
£28 per package

Dry Ice & Dangerous Goods

Only available on a pre-approved contractual service available for packages containing dry ice and certain types of dangerous goods. The following surcharges will be applied:

Dry Ice
£30 per shipment
DG Accessible
£90 per shipment
DG Inaccessible
£75 per shipment


Deliver Plus Customs Clearance Services

Deliver Plus provide routine customs clearance for no additional cost, however for some types of clearance, charges may apply. We transmit information to customs while your shipment is still in transit to it's destination country, to enable faster clearance and Deliver.

Government Shipping regulations require specific documentation for international shipments, including information on:

  • Shipper and consignee details
  • Content Description and value
  • Country of origin and purpose of shipment
  • Information on duty and tax liabilities at the destination
  • Importing into your country

Importing into Your Country

Routine customs clearance (for entries up to five tariff lines) is included at no additional cost. Additional charges will apply if customs clearance is performed by brokerage offices other than those designated by Deliver Plus

£4.50 will be charged per line

Tax & Duty Reversal Fee

Deliver Plus may prepay duties, taxes and other government charges on behalf of the payor.

A fee of £15 per shipment will be charged

Disbursement Fee

Deliver Plus may prepay duties, taxes and other government charges on behalf of the payor.

For imports into the United Kingdom a fee of 2.5% of the advanced amount or £11 per shipment, whichever is greater, will be charged.


A charge imposed by customs on imported merchandise. The applicable charge is based on the value for the goods added with freight charges, insurance and packing. It may differ according to the commodity.

Will be charged based on customs entry.

Live Entry

A type of entry that typically requires a visa licence from the export country, when mandated by customs (such as textiles). These shipments usually require a formal entry and an additional day of customs clearance when licence is not on file.

£20 will be charged per shipment

Other Government agency (OGA) Entry

Other government agencies work with customs on regulating and controlling commodities coming into the EU territory from other countries. Special documents must be submitted to these agencies for shipments that contain commodities. These agencies include the Health Department and Department of Agriculture, among others. 

£10.00 will be charges per shipment

Additional General Services

When additional, non-routine activities are required for entry of merchandise, selected services may be performed by Deliver Plus at the request of the importer. Services offered include (but are no limited to) Brokerage activity reporting, manipulations, labelling, inventory etc. Please contact a brokerage specialist if there is a need for additional clearance services. 

£20 will be charged per shipment

Handover to broker

If the recipient requests clearance through their own broker

A £22.50 surcharge will be applied.


If Deliver Plus needs to store your goods the following surcharge will be applied.

A £10 surcharge will be added for each additional storage day.

Post-clearance modification

When you request modification to a shipment already customs cleared.

A £54 surcharge will be applied.

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